Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

When ordering, an agreement is considered to have been concluded only when platinumcolours.com has confirmed the order through an order confirmation. An order confirmation is sent no later than 10 hours after the order is received.

For invoice purchases, a credit check is carried out. Orderers must provide a searchable landline or mobile number (not a debit card for a mobile that is not searchable).

The billing address must be searchable on e.g. eniro.se or hitta.se. Delivery address, if it differs from the invoice address, it must also be searchable. In the event of late payment for invoice purchases, invoice a reminder fee and late payment interest. Each item is listed with a price excluding VAT.

In the shopping cart, you can see the total price including all fees, VAT, shipping and payment. The shipping cost depends on the order value.

Delivery normally takes place after 2-7 days after ordering.

Right of withdrawal:
Right of withdrawal: The customer always has a 14-day right of withdrawal as a private individual. In the case of the right of withdrawal, the package is returned unbroken, unmarked original packaging and item in unchanged condition, i.e. unused, destroyed or damaged.
If the item has been used, the right of withdrawal expires.

The buyer also pays for the shipping cost for the return transport, via deduction in the credit invoice.

Refunds are made within three days of receipt of the goods. Reimbursement of the entire value of the item takes place when it is returned in its original condition. Only the return shipping is paid for by the customer.

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