About Me

So.. this will be a short introduction. I will not speak about myself or proclaim that I’m ”self taught” as so many artists do.

I want my art to speak for itself. My slogan is: ”happy colours create happy people” and this is the general impression I would like it to make upon you, as it does to me. Art is about creating emotions in some sort. 

If it’s good or bad doesn’t matter, it’s the reaction that is important. That you feel something, or anything.

I also rarely name my art as this will disturb the impression and stir the observer into one given direction. I want my art to be sort of a clean slate of impressions to the observer. Every person will have a different feeling or experience when looking at art and I would like it to stay that way.

I hope I can brighten your day with some of my art, Enjoy.

Jonathan Whitaker